Always Ready
to Meet New Challanges

Widi is always trying to meet the new requirement of our cunstomers. Ww can provide OEM and ODM services.

Years Exp.

We have 25+ years R&D Exp.

Project Done

More than 8000+ projects.

Awards Win

We have get more than 80 awards.

Our History

Widi is always try to change. We not only introduced advanced production lines to improve the quality of the company's products, but also opened up new businesses.

2013 Starting Speed Reducer Business

We extended the company's business scope and added the reducer business.

2008 Using New Production Line

We introduce advanced automated production lines to produce bearing to meet high standard requirement.

1996 The Beginning

Our Bearing Business is started from 1996. We just got small factory at that time.

What People Say?

Widi has gained losts of customers and has a good relationship with our long-term customers. We supply our customers solutions of bearings and gearbox speed reducers. Our customers have a high opinion of us.