Bearings for Food and Beverage Industry

We provide bearings for Bearings for Food and Beverage like Food and Beverage Processing Equipment, Blenders / Mixers, Ice machinery, Ice crusher, Picking and weighing machinery, etc.
Bearings for Food and Beverage Industry
Bearings for Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry grade is commonly considered to be the equivalent of having food-grade seals, food-grade lubricant and corrosion-resistant bearing units. We are now raising the bar to support pro-active food safety by providing food-safe bearing units that are completely sealed (Blue range), lubricated for life and designed for increased bearing performance, even in the harshest processing and cleaning environments.


We provide Food and Beverage bearings ranging from stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel bearing inserts,  ceramic bearings, and stainless steel and thermoplastic mounted units, which are available in numerous combinations of housings, protective covers, grease and sealing options.

  • Stainless Steel Bearings: Our stainless steel bearings are widely used in food and beverage industry applications. These bearings often have to cope with regular wash-downs, steam-cleaning, contamination, possibly high temperatures, fluids and other corrosive materials. 

  • Ceramic Bearings: Ceramic - A special material that is more corrosive resistant, longer lasting than stainless steel bearing material.


A smart combination of proven technologies for non-corrosive environments, reducing food safety risks and at the same time increasing reliability. Food and Beverage grade bearings and related products are used in the various manufacturing, processing, and handling of food and beverage products in addition to making end-products for commercial and consumer use. The relubrication-free solution supporting food safety. You can apply our food grade bearings in these machines.

Mechanical Processing

  • extruders
  • mixers
  • peelers
  • breeders
  • deboners
  • slicers
  • other machines in food processing

Thermal Processing

  • ovens
  • fryers
  • boilers
  • steamers
  • coolers
  • freezers
  • chillers

Handling and Packaging

  • food conveyors
  • modular belt conveyors
  • modular belt converts
  • wire belt conveyors
  • sanitary wash tanks
  • single pivot dumpers
  • sizing
  • sorting & weighing equipment
  • packaging machinery

Others Machines

  • Ice machinery
  • Ice crusher

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